Style speaker packages


£ 460

We like this Teufel system for its undoubted ability, but we'd like it to be a tad cheaper as well

£ 350

Best style speaker package up to £500, Awards 2010. It's small, sturdy and well priced too

£ 1500

Preferable in many ways to its pricier big brother – which should tell you all you need to know

£ 1000

If you're in the market for a great-looking, discreet speaker set-up, the Eole 2 is well worth a look

£ 1100

A hugely impressive wireless system - it's just a shame about the price-tag

£ 1800

This 5.1 speaker package is a real treat for your ears

£ 700

KEF has introduced a more affordable version of its KHT 2005.3 speaker system using the Kube-1 subwoofer instead of the Kube-2

£ 750

If you want speakers that can be tucked away almost anywhere, these tiny speakers could appeal

£ 449

You get plenty of power, scale and excitement with this Roth Audio OLi speaker package, but we'd prefer a more even tonal balance

£ 2525

This space-saving French speaker package will help you get the most from movie soundtracks