Style speaker packages


£ 1050

The Klipsch Synergy B20/SW450 package has an intriguing driver arrangement, and its sound is an acquired taste

£ 500

KEF KHT1505s are stylish budget speakers that produce big movie sound

£ 400

The looks of the Canton Movie 125MX may be understated, but it has room-filling sound

£ 1000

Impressive on almost every level, these sexy style speakers serve up some serious sonic heft and impressive musicality

£ 1200

Designed to complement the flatscreen fashion, the KEF T101 thin speakers make a glorious sound

£ 140

The price of the Teufel Consono 15 might be tempting, but unfortunately you get what you pay for

£ 800

The first product we've seen from Cambridge Audio's Minx range, this style speaker system is a welcome addition to the market

£ 2400

Best style speaker package £2000+, Awards 2011. When it comes to combining alluring looks with entirely credible performance the Monitor Audio Apex

£ 1675

This surround package from Monitor Audio, is, like so many of its products, a simply styled but supremely capable system

£ 1300

Despite its smooth looks, this KEF lacks excitement compared to its nearest and most competitively priced rivals