Style speaker packages


£ 500

Where space is tight, the miniscule Minx fits the bill and sounds fabulous

£ 450

Likeable, listenable, but ultimately off the pace

£ 1950

Best style package £1800+, Awards 2013. This Bowers & Wilkins Home Theatre package is an impressive evolution - it ticks all our performance bo

£ 800

High-concept design proves beauty is only skin deep

£ 900

Impeccably built and finished, but sound lacks brio

£ 350

Detailed, solid sound from this dinky, affordable speaker package

£ 700

Looks great and sounds good, but no longer top dog

£ 1725

An articulate and exciting sounding surround speaker package. Best style speaker package £1200-£2000, Awards 2011

£ 720

Still an attractive buy, but falls short on power and detail

£ 450

The HKTS20 lacks excitement but kit-matching is less of an issue