Speaker packages


£ 2200

Sadly, the Missions don't even get close to justifying their cost

£ 1099

If you can live without room-shaking bass, this Mercury system is well worth auditioning

£ 880

Far from being all brawn and no brains, the Bronze package has a refinement that lends itself to more delicate scenes

£ 1930

This package is as adept with music as it is with movies, combining fine integration with refinement and subtlety

£ 1000

Not afraid to deliver a gung-ho, neighbour-waking level of sound, but it can tread more carefully when required

£ 2235

Need plenty of room to breathe, but if you've got the space, these Award-winners will delight

£ 550

For the money, this system surpasses itself – delivers all the crash and swagger you'd expect

£ 3900

You simply won't get a bigger sound unless you're prepared to put up with much larger (and probably uglier) speakers

£ 3575

Solid engineering backed by excellent sound quality make this Naim set-up an interesting alternative to conventional speaker thinking

£ 10000

Stylish, sensuous looks, hair-raising performance and truly spine-tingling sound – the Mordaunt-Shorts have it all