Speaker packages


£ 67950

Expensive, of course, but you get the best home cinema system we’ve ever tested

£ 2425

These B&Ws are impressive to look at and, especially at low volumes, impressive to listen to – but we’d like a bit more excitement for our money

£ 2300

This 5.1 package has enough drive to satisfy the most gung-ho movie watcher, but don’t imagine you’ll get to relax much

£ 5700

A swift, communicative, powerhouse of a system

£ 1480

As a world exclusive, we would have liked to be blown away

£ 1200

Best traditional package £1000-£1500, Awards 2010. A smooth effortless sound, that still packs in detail and excitement, while remaining nonchalantly

£ 16800

The whole system integrates brilliantly

£ 2300

As thrilling or calming as you want it be, this is a sure-footed and convincing set-up

£ 1100

The Chrono package may not be the most polished performer, but it's huge fun

£ 3600

Not for the fainthearted...these speakers are huge, but well worth a listen