Speaker packages


£ 2350

Best traditional package £1500-£2500, Awards 2011. Whether it's music or movies, this package is a real entertainer

£ 550

Best traditional package up to £1000, Awards 2010. Full-size thrills on an economy-sized budget

£ 650

The Diamond 10 HCP is a very capable system for the money, but it needs a little polish to truly shine

£ 13500

In the PL300 AV, Monitor Audio has delivered one of the finest speaker packages available on the market today

£ 2200

The key to surround systems is cohesion, but the Yamaha NS-700 doesn’t quite have it

£ 2700

It might look good, but the American Infinity Classia package is cruelly hamstrung sonically

£ 3000

Acoustic Energy's 5.1 Radiance package packs a lot of appeal but isn't all that we ask for

£ 789

An interesting surround speaker design that's impressively executed, to make for a unique system that has plenty going for it

£ 1250

Most of the way to being a brilliant smaller-room system – all the Dali needs is more belief from the subwoofer

£ 3555

All the elements are in place for a great-sounding system, but the sound doesn’t knit together as seamlessly as we’d like