Speaker packages


£ 3035

With its incredible all-round performance, Acoustic Energy's Active Pro Sub Sat 5.1 package represents great value, even at £3000

£ 2700

There’s plenty of box for your buck with this package, but it needs to be more capable sonically

£ 5445

M&Ks 950-Series speakers are small enough to fade into the background but they are sonically thrilling, proving size doesn't matter when it comes to e

£ 799

Big-screen soundtracks don't come bigger than from the Teufel Theater 200 at this sort of money

£ 2000

If your looking for an exciting listening, then the Aviano 5.1 package should fit the bill nicely, but we'd like a bit less muscle

£ 2100

We'd like this assertive looking Cabasse speaker system to have better integration, but there's still lots to like here

£ 2320

This hybrid speaker package from DALI has lots to recommend it, but a lack of low-end control means it fails to get top marks

£ 449

The Theatre 80 delivers room-filling sound at a tempting price

£ 4675

OK, it might have a traditional look about it, but PMCs DB1i package is a small and perfectly formed piece of greatness

£ 949

We know not everyone has room for full-sized speakers, but this is a compromise too far