Speaker packages


£ 510

A dinky, yet substantial sounding package hindered only by a lack of refinement

£ 350

A huge cinema speaker package that offers big value

£ 400

A combination of style and performance makes the Wharfedale DX-1 HCP a great buy

£ 230

Gives you grown-up sound from a starter surround sound package

£ 600

Fast and detailed sound, but lacks some power and punch

£ 1895

Grabs the attention in many ways, but we'd like that bottom end to have more punch

£ 1899

There's much to like about Tannoy's Revolution DC6T speaker package, but the subwoofer loses it a star

£ 1300

Best traditional package £700-£1500, Awards 2012. This is a brilliantly realised set-up – and cracking value, too.

£ 600

Best traditional package up to £700, Awards 2013. A great system for stereo and multichannel duties.

£ 4200

Best traditional package £3500+, Awards 2013. A satisfyingly high-end listening experience at a fairly attainable price.