Home cinema amplifiers


£ 800

Denon's AVR-2311 is prodigious value for money

£ 240

Working to a tight budget? The Onkyo TX-SR308 will do a perfectly good job

£ 450

Home cinema amplifier Product of the Year, Awards 2010. Supremely competitive and capable product in a particularly cut-throat field

£ 300

This is one of the latest generation of AV receivers from Samsung, but despite its 1.4a ability, its sonic abilities are simply woeful

£ 1700

It's good looking and well specced, but the AVR 660 doesn't pose a big threat to its rivals

£ 1000

Despite its many plus points, there's no denying that Cambridge Audio's Azur 650R has a delivery that's just too excitable for us

£ 900

A gifted multichannel amplifier, but it lacks the spark of the class leaders at this price point

£ 1900

With its formidable spec this Denon is well worth a look – but it can't quite match the standards of the class-leaders

£ 600

With its thorough HD specification, this Sony is a solid performer – but it just misses out on a fifth star

£ 280

As entry-level machines go the TX-SR507 is inoffensive enough, but we've come to expect better from Onkyo