Home cinema amplifiers


£ 2100

A fantastic-sounding product and well worthy of a serious audition

£ 500

A serious contender for class-leading status

£ 1000

Impressive power, features and functionality from this new Onkyo receiver

£ 250

Price cut puts this Pioneer back in the race

£ 250

Performs as well as it ever did, and at this price it’s even more convincing

£ 2700

The Onkyo is a beast, one many kit racks will struggle to house

£ 1500

Terrific Pioneer amp positively zings with energy

£ 2000

Comprehensive specification and seriously rewarding surround sound

£ 1300

A hugely exciting amp, with a powerful yet refined sound

£ 1000

The Yamaha will make your movies sound massive and your music sound lush