Home cinema amplifiers


£ 2000

A solid performance but lacks the subtlety to cut it as a complete all-rounder

£ 3000

Pricey NAD is a bit behind the curve

£ 2000

A powerhouse of a surround amp and a shot across the bows of the class leaders

£ 2000

There's no questioning its power, it's just that a little more precision is required at times

£ 300

Inexpensive surround amp has AirPlay and Bluetooth, but lacks punch

£ 1300

Best home cinema amplifier £700-£1500, Awards 2012. Excitement, top tech and amazing sound

£ 250

Best home cinema amplifier up to £350, Awards 2012. A fantastic first step into the realm of 5.1 sound

£ 550

A likeable, solid option for home cinema novices and enthusiasts alike

£ 500

Awards 2012 Product of the Year - Home Cinema Amplifiers. A seriously talented amp, versatile enough to work with a wide range of systems

£ 2200

Best home cinema amplifier £1500+, Awards 2012. A multichannel powerhouse, the SC-LX86 sets a new benchmark at this pricepoint