Home cinema amplifiers


£ 250

Still a decent contender but it's slightly off the pace of class-leader standards on audio and features

£ 1300

Power and panache, rest assured the SR8002 is as well equipped as most people will ever need

£ 400

We’re still big fans of the TX-SR606, but new models from rival brands have seriously upped the ante

£ 1400

Few receivers at less than £2000 have the ’905’s cast-iron grip and authority

£ 1000

A well-made, comprehensively specified receiver

£ 270

This is a fine, musical, simple 5.1 AV receiver, with a smart design, but it lacks power and bottom-end grunt

£ 2700

A great receiver in many ways and, if you can afford one, well worth your consideration

£ 650

Outputs for two subwoofers don't make up for an underwhelming specification at this price

£ 600

Big, exciting sound, but lacking high-def audio decoding

£ 4750

The Pathos Cinema X will astound you with its no-compromise approach to sound reproduction