Home cinema amplifiers


£ 1500

If you want a powerful but refined multichannel receiver to go with Pioneer's new BDP-LX71A Blu-ray player, the SC-LX81 is a superb choice

£ 600

An excellent amp, and a very worthy step-up over the £500 pack

£ 500

A solidly competitive, capable multichannel receiver that will decode all available forms of surround audio from your disc collection

£ 400

This fantastic amplifier is a genuine competitor for class-best honours

£ 400

It's not often we encounter a product that we just can't recommend, but the SA-BX500 pulls it off

£ 5000

An amp you've just got to listen to – it makes movies viscerally thrilling or intimate as needed.

£ 300

A capable machine but it lacks the all-round quality, and specification, to trouble the best

£ 500

Good as it is, when compared with the best the Denon doesn’t display the same level of clarity with Blu-ray or DVD soundtracks and lacks the agility a

£ 300

Brilliant all-rounder – this receiver will take some beating

£ 4900

Can a surround amplifier, even one as good as this, really be worth £5000? We certainly think so.