£ 760

The Naim is no looker, but its dependability, reliability and sweet, powerful sound make the NAC122x a great choice

£ 8399

This preamp has all the power and quality you will ever need. Even with a a high price tag, it's still value for money!

£ 5050

Purposeful looks, but in conjunction with Bryston's power amps sounds astonishingly good, with refinement, transparency and punch

£ 1650

One of the most honest-sounding preamps around for the money

£ 900

A very exciting sounding preamp with six line inputs, but left us feeling slightly unsatisfied as it could have delivered more

£ 1500

A delight to use, beautifully built, and has the quality to compete with the very best

£ 1775

Top quality English preamp, sounds fantastic, and the build quality is as solid as ever

£ 750

Strong and powerful, with a wonderful sound and beautiful build