£ 975

This Naim NAC 152 XS preamp from Naim certainly has its plus points, but when used with the partnering NAP 155 XS power amp they're not the last word

£ 3525

This is an incredible pre-amp, paired with the matching Amp 1 V2 power amp, it's a revealing combination

£ 1058

When paired with the five-star ATC P1 power amp, this preamplifier really shines

£ 8670

The versatile Indigo blends terrific sound with a whole host of useable innovations, including a DAC and iPod dock

£ 3399

This is another top-class preamplifier from Audio Research. It’s a product that should serve you for decades, too

£ 6325

The mighty Plinius Tautoro with the SA-Ref power amp makes a combo as enticing as amplifiers get

£ 9070

Naim's NAC252 preamp is the perfect partner for its NAP250 power amp; combine them with the Supercap power supply to create a magical set-up

£ 5480

After some improved updates this preamp really punches out the sound and looks very sleek

£ 3249

Pair the M8/P10 pre/power amps to make one terrific amp that easily justifies its price tag

£ 3200

When paired with the Aesthetix Atlas power amp, the Calypso preamp makes one of the most natural-sound amplifiers money can buy