£ 4200

There's a lot to like with this pre-amp, but it makes the most sense when part of an all-Linn system

£ 730

It's nice to see a reasonably priced preamp, but Advance Acoustic's MPP202 is too sonically flawed for us to recommend it

£ 2550

It uses a very familiar box, but Cyrus's DAC XP+ hosts massive ability, although we think it could do with more punch

£ 1495

Impressive detail, clear and crisp sound, and stylish to boot – this is a preamp definitely in its Prime

£ 3471

The Lavardin C62 preamp paired with the Lavardin AP150 has the ability to combine the subtle with the sledgehammer

£ 850

Pairing the Quad Elite Pre with the Elite Stereo produces well-balanced sound but just lacks an edge

£ 10726

It's not going to win an award with its looks, but in terms of sonic quality, this preamp is the best we've ever heard

£ 650

This NAD preamp is best paired with the C275BEE power amp to create an amplifier that's got sonic muscle and subtlety to boot

£ 995

This fully featured preamp is a likeable performer that gets on with the job without drawing attention to itself

£ 1300

Cyrus seems to be incapable of producing lack-lustre amplifiers - this preamp used in clonjunction with the 8 Power amp is a mighty combo