Power amps


£ 1500

If you're seeking fireworks, light the blue touch paper, and retreat a safe distance – the MF 550K Supercharger won't disappoint

£ 3990

Astonishingly fast and punchy-sounding power amp

£ 210

Dinky in size and sound quality

£ 3390

Pair the M8/P10 pre/power amps to make one terrific amp that easily justifies its price tag

£ 850

The 8 Power amp brings extra breadth and depth to the musical mix

£ 800

This power amp has a relatively low output, but the sound is sublime

£ 2925

Sounds effortlessly huge, delivering immense scale and dynamic reach

£ 1300

Solid build and solid sound: this amp can deliver huge dynamic swings effortlessly, bludgeoning speakers into submission with ease

£ 1695

Highly sophisticated sound with bags of power and finesse, combined with top-quality build and minimalist styling

£ 1250

Power, finesse, speed and beautifully crafted, this power amp is red hot