Power amps


£ 1115

This Naim NAP 155 XS power amp is a fine performer, but it's not the last word in dynamics when used with the NAC 152 XS preamp

£ 4850

When paired with the matching Pre 1 G3 pre-amp, this power stage is as revealing as you'll find at this kind of price


£ 1566

When paired with the five-star ATC CA-2 preamp, this power amplifier really shines

£ 33500

These Pathos monoblocs might be eye-wateringly expensive, but if you've got a system to match (and a very large wallet) they're worth it

£ 5395

The VS115 is far from hi-fi jewellery, but it's a highly effective workhorse, delivering all the acoustic thunder you'd expect for more than five gran

£ 3050

A superlative power amp' well worth the time and effort it takes to make it really sing. Magical

£ 1300

Impressive monoblocs that would shine with large-scale classical work

£ 12650

If you've the money, not to mention the ventilation, buy this superb amplifier

£ 5950

Paired with the Aesthetix Calypso preamp this sophisticated brute sounds great with all types of music

£ 5000

Superb monobloc power amps that will pummel your senses