Power amps


£ 3350

The Linn Akurate 2200 delivers lashings of detail, but not everyone will like its slightly dry sound

£ 3800

Not cheap or powerful, but the InpolRemix is a truly brilliant performer

£ 730

It's nice to see a reasonably priced power amp, but Advance Acoustic's MAA402 is too flawed for us to recommend

£ 816

Maxx offers a glimpse of hi-fi's future, with superior performance and DAC ability

£ 2500

Paired with the DAC XP+, Cyrus's Mono X300 is a nearly unbeatable preamp/power combination

£ 800

Truly impressive piece of stylish kit – Chord has undone itself with Scamp

£ 700

The Quad Elite pre/power amplifier doesn't blow us away, but it's still worth consideration

£ 3950

The Classé CA-2200 power amplifier, with the help of the Classé CA-5200, can output a prodigious 2590 watts into our speaker reference system

£ 820

If you're looking for a powerful but subtle amplifier, then the NAD C275BEE power amp, paired with the matching C165BEE preamp does the trick

£ 1095

This powerful, well-built unit gets on with the job without drawing attention to itself