Hi-fi amplifiers


£ 1495

Tempting combination of heritage, fine build and (relatively) affordable price

£ 595

The Crescendo has its strengths, but can't quite reach the heights achieved by its rivals

£ 300

Feature-packed budget contender, but faces tough competition

£ 1400

Delivers a spacious and engaging sound

£ 11450

It's like nothing we've seen before, but in terms of sonic ability, the Devialet D-Premier is an incredible performer

£ 1290

Best stereo amp £1000-£1500, Awards 2012

£ 699

Best stereo amp £600-£1000, Awards 2012. A fine amplifier, and even better value than the old 6XP

£ 450

Meaty and powerful, but not the most refined listen

£ 695

A great DAC added to an already established stereo amplifier

£ 200

A small and simple amp, packing enormous punch, but performance is a classic mixed bag