Hi-fi amplifiers


£ 2750

The Supernait is arguably the most versatile amp Naim have come produced, a hefty price tag, with some sonic flaws, but still very impressive

£ 180

The build is as reliable as ever. The sound however falls way below the usually high standard we have come to expect from Denon

£ 649

When it was released, the Fatman docks were very orginal iPod accessories: the valves and chrome are fairly commonplace now, but they're still a draw

£ 700

Specification and design impressive apart from the remote), but perhaps lacking substance at this price point?

£ 900

Has a welcome, grown-up sound that's effortlessly musical but it doesn't like to get down and dirty

£ 1000

Convincing digital amplifier, quality build but perhaps for the price we might expect a little more body and warmth

£ 350

Up there with the best, some imperfections, but when it comes to sound quality it's well worth the five-star rating

£ 1200

Not a true all-rounder, but its superb way with singers makes the Seconda worth a second look

£ 250

Last year's Award-winner still has what it takes, delivering an expansive, convivial sound and a solid spec

£ 2295

Unusual looks, high price, low power output – things don't look great for the Preludio, until you hear the beautiful midrange and unbridled enthusiasm