Dock systems


£ 180

This 82cm-tall iPod dock is a novel design, but it doesn't stand up to close scrutiny

£ 600

There’s little excuse not to find room in your home for these excellent iPod active speakers

£ 200

It looks like a Wall-E extra, but JBLs On Stage 400iD couples a run-of-the-mill specification with sound that's wanting

£ 250

If you value thrilling energy and precise timing above all else, the SoundDock II has much to offer

£ 180

There's much to like here, but the poor treble holds back this desktop system in a major way

£ 250

The curvy unit doubles as an ambient light, but there's little to get excited about when it comes to sound

£ 550

This powerful-sounding iPod speaker dock goes extremely loud and now it's more affordable

£ 100

The Chronos II improves on the abilities of its five-star predecessor – making it a big fat bargain

£ 40

This little cylinder is a bit of a bargain for basic laptop listening

£ 100

We like the idea of iPod docking alarm clocks, but the sound from this Magicbox is nowhere near good enough for the money