Dock systems


£ 350

The rCube has the ability to send audio from one rCube to another, giving you a little multiroom syste

£ 350

This Pioneer dock certainly looks intriguing on paper, but in use it's just too polite for us

£ 400

With the introduction of this smart and compact dock from Philips, B&W's mighty Zeppelin finally has some stiff competition

£ 230

This Sony dock is both sweet sounding and simple to use, and should certainly be on your shortlist

£ 130

This Intempo dock has a quirky motorised system, and is rather affordable too - making it a bit of catch

£ 280

It's got some sonic flaws, but we think this iPod dock system is a great way to utilise Bluetooth technology effectively

£ 400

Best Premium desktop speakers, Awards 2011, but more exciting options are now available

£ 300

This is the smallest GenevaSound iPod dock system we've tested, but don't let that put you off – it's a great little performer

£ 60

This iPod docking system is certainly a nice looking and interesting design, but the sound needs weight for it to really shine

£ 129

Once again, Klipsch has produced a five-star iPod dock, with a refined sound and style