Dock systems


£ 70

The iLuv iMM178DAB Vibe Plus does a decent job and even has an extra speaker for under your pillow

£ 895

Epic sound that will fill a large room and unique looks, that's what you'll get with the B&O Beosound8 speaker dock

£ 150

This mains powered Sony dock certainly does a lot right, but some may find the bass too overpowering

£ 149

Eton's Soulra is a dock that's ideal for those outdoor excursions - it comes with solar charging facilities - but the sound's not up to much

£ 150

It might have a good array of features, but we couldn't find much to like about this substandard-feeling dock

£ 100

Designed for the iPad, this dock is not without its flaws, including a lack of weight and punch

£ 400

Although it has a tendency to be over-polite, Fatman's latest incarnation of its valve dock has a smooth, velvety sound that some will love

£ 40

If you're after a smartly priced iPod dock, this little iLuv must be auditioned – there's very little to fault at this price point

£ 100

We really like the Boom Dock's full throttle delivery, especially at this kind of price. If you're after budget perfection, look no further

£ 100

Best speaker dock up to £200, Awards 2012. Good sound quality, built-in battery and compatible with non-Apple portables – what's not to like?