Dock systems


£ 400

Easy to set up but unfortunately the bass is overblown

£ 500

Smart design, good ergonomics and powerful sound make this an all-round success

£ 70

Smart looks and features, but average sound quality lets it down

£ 260

Best desktop speaker, Awards 2012. If you’re comfortable with the size, then there’s no arguing with the sound.

£ 260

A stylish, portable Bluetooth speaker but bass lacks definition

£ 250

The Monitor Audio i-deck is an accomplished speaker dock and at its new price is very appealing

£ 380

For smaller-sized rooms in need of some iPod speaker love, the Model S DAB is a great choice

£ 150

A DAB radio and iPod dock with spacious sound – if you like your treble on the bright side

£ 200

Monitor Audio's i-deck 100 can dig out a serious amount of detail across the frequency range

£ 300

It may be smaller than its sibling, but the Philips Fidelio Primo DS9 sings the same, fine song