Dock systems


£ 500

Versatile, well-built and serves up a decent, musical sound

£ 300

Best speaker dock £200-£350, Awards 2012. Logitech’s AirPlay-toting speaker dock sounds the business

£ 260

An enjoyably musical wireless Bluetooth system

£ 700

Distinctive AirPlay speakers are a pretty persuasive proposition

£ 230

The TEAC NS-X1 is a stylish and versatile AirPlay dock, but too expensive

£ 200

The Cambridge Audio SLA25 powered speakers are a relaxing listen

£ 200

Has both AirPlay and iPad support, and better than average sound

£ 300

The second dock on the Bayan Audio Bayan 7 could be useful for charging a second player

£ 100

The STK SMC Stereo Boombox is a dock with lots of features including a graphic EQ

£ 100

The iLuv iMM727 lets you use iPhones, iPods and iPads - great for watching movies