Dock systems


£ 60

A compact and cleverly organised iPod speaker system that unexpectly majors on volume but leaves the quality to more accomplished rivals

£ 100

The A303 – like its near-identical sibling, the A302 – manages to produce an okay sound for an okay price... but we're far from excited by either of t

£ 100

You can buy much better iPod dock/clock/radio combos than this - even at this sort of money

£ 199

This valve-plus-iPod-dock took us by surprise way back in 2007 when we first tested it, but nowadays we're just happy to be old friends – it's quality

£ 100

A weird, though only slightly wonderful design: one an inviting array of speakers, but hampered by a rather indistinct and unsinpiring sound

£ 70

A compact, foldaway speaker system that offers good-quality sound, but without any great ability to go to loud volumes

£ 130

Feed the Acoustic Energy system any kind of line-level signal – computer or iPod, for example – and it does okay, but can be beaten by others

£ 200

An original concept that works well as far as the wireless implementation goes, but flounders on the rocks of appalling sound quality (for a £200 unit

£ 400

Other-world looks, exceptionally fast, natural and detailed presentation – these curious Eclipse speakers can be immensely satisfying

£ 250