Dock systems


£ 500

A weatherproof, wireless speaker system with matching iPod dock perfect for those outdoor parties – it's powerful to make a party go with a punch

£ 70

True, there are better-sounding and more highly featured iPod speaker docks out there, but for £70 the iLuv i552 gives a very good account of itself

£ 100

The A302 (and the identical-in-all-but-colour A303) is but an average implementation of the most simple of iPod dock designs – others do it better

£ 65

Variable quality in some areas leaves the i177 as a useful iPod dock/speaker system that also has a handy alarm facility if that's useful to you

£ 80

For less than £80 the Cyruslink (tuned by the hi-fi specialist Cyrus) speaker system provides a superb

£ 799

This unique and stylish system delivers a natural, detailed sound

£ 70

We get suspicious when music-making products include novelty items as thermometers: too much influence from the marketing department we think

£ 50

It only costs fifty quid, so don't expect the Earth to move when you play your music, but for lazing in the bath with tunes, it's the perfect accompan

£ 299

The valve plus MP3 concept works really well in Fatman's product, but we'd probably swap the proprietary speakers for something a bit better

£ 200

Despite packing what sounds like a floor-shaking 80 watts of power, this iPod speaker dock doesn't have what it takes to produce a convincing presenta