Dock systems


£ 250

If you want a stylish, well made portable iPod dock with bags of bass, Harman Kardon's Go + Play will fit the bill

£ 150

Two iPod docks in one here, but we think it's at a cost

£ 80

Attach the speaker to a hard, flat surface (like a window), plug in your MP3 player, and wallow in the paltry noises this thing makes

£ 250

Can make your wireless dreams a reality

£ 50

The mm50 impressed us enormously when it first came out, and despite being superseded by the Pure-Fi Anywhere, it's still worth looking for a bargain

£ 150

Child's play to use as well as being a pocket money price

£ 400

This powerful and curvy Zeppelin thrives on its simplicity, but it's finally met its match

£ 130

This smart-looking system packs DAB and FM radio, but sadly its sonic performance doesn't fully live up to its spec

£ 399

Ignore the fact that at loud volumes you can fry eggs on the casing (okay, not quite), and you realise this is actually a superb-sounding, if quirky a

£ 100

A good-quality speaker dock, make no mistake, but it's such a cut-throat market nowadays that even that can't match the best of the competition