Home Cinema in a Box


£ 500

Looks aren't everything - the HTS660 fails to deliver on performance

£ 500

You won’t find us buying the champers, but we’d be happy to toast this sparkling LG system

£ 275

A good second room option or ‘kid’s bedroom entertainment’

£ 270

Great styling and an excellent price for such good quality even on close inspection

£ 330

Average, average, average - and why settle for that?

£ 700

Although the picture is good, is the Philips' sound too weak to mount a decent challenge to its rivals?

£ 900

This Samsung is no shrinking violet and has all the quality to match its size

£ 600

You'll be astounded by the scale of sound the Sony's tiny speakers manage to produce – a superb solution for smaller rooms where space is tight

£ 3995

It’s not cheap, but it’s stylish, usable and hugely capable

£ 350

A great solution if you don't want lots of speakers and wires cluttering up your front room