Home Cinema in a Box


£ 700

Quality home cinema convenience for really not very much money at all

£ 400

For most users most of the time, and especially in light of its value, this is a winner

£ 600

As long as you're not expecting 'proper' surround sound, this is an impressive do-it-all movie player

£ 750

This system offers a heck of a lot for the money, but the overall sound delivery is too much of a compromise

£ 1000

This is the flagship model in Yamaha's range of Sound Projectors, and a recent £300 price cut has made it even more competitive

£ 550

The JVC performs well for a 2.1 system, but to justify its price tag we expect greater all-round ability

£ 600

Love or loath the design, this package delivers on so many fronts it deserves serious consideration

£ 350

This is a stylish system that’s also packed full of substance

£ 1000

If you’re in the market for a 2.1 system, but want to distance yourself from the budget crowd, don’t part with your cash before giving this Yamaha a b

£ 1000

Panasonic's SC-BT100 Blu-ray home cinema in a box system has been arousing a lot of interest on our Forums, so we thought it was time to try it out