Home Cinema in a Box


£ 480

We think this Blu-ray package from LG is rather accomplished and certainly stylish – especially for the money

£ 400

In its SC-BT200, Panasonic has produced a system capable of delivering fantastic images and incredible sound

£ 390

The Samsung HT-BD1220 Blu-ray system impressed us initially, but newer rivals have edged ahead of it

£ 410

Sony has produced a home cinema speaker system that gives genuine surround sound to the speaker-phobic

£ 300

We can pick holes in the performance but they're only small, so focus on the price and functionality of this home cinema system

£ 2000

We'd hope it would deliver more, but at this price (and given how the market has moved on) it's not rounded enough for us

£ 250

A neat system but sonically it doesn’t knit together especially well

£ 800

This well-built system offers style and substance, delivering fine pictures and detailed, solid sounds in a smart package

£ 500

While we admire LG for trying to squeeze in a world of features, we don’t think this home cinema system has quite got the quality we'd expect

£ 400

The sound from this home cinema equipment rack is better than that from your TV, but for £400 we expect a little bit more