Home Cinema in a Box


£ 360

An affordable system, with a decent selection of apps, but not best in class

£ 430

The Panasonic SC-BTT370 serves up a scorcher of a Blu-ray picture

£ 425

The LG HX906PA is a Blu-ray system with talent

£ 650

The Samsung HT-D6750W offers a pseudo 7.1-effect from just five speakers

£ 350

Top pictures from the feature-packed all-in-one Panasonic SC-BTT270

£ 1300

A decent medium-sized room system, offering style and some sonic heft, but lacking excitement

£ 410

Once again a Sony system proves that it's capable of stunning pictures, but in the case of the '870, the sound doesn't match up

£ 800

This LG has its amplification in the subwoofer, and is a more then capable system. But, good though it is, we think there's better out there

£ 1800

It's poised and potent, with a very comprehensive specification; but get beyond the gloss and this system's sky high price holds it back

£ 400

It's 3D capable, and impressively spec'd too, but we think this Panasonic Blu-ray system's five star performance is the real clincher