Home Cinema in a Box


£ 400

Best cinema system, Awards 2012. Looks and sounds every bit the all-in-one answer to home cinema on a budget

£ 750

A compact, convenient home cinema system, but lacks streaming

£ 450

Supports high-def movie streaming but sound is disorganised

£ 580

Even in 3D the Panasonic SC-BTT775 produces outanding detail and crisp images

£ 300

Not the subtlest performer, but will boost your TV's sound

£ 800

Cracking picture and lots of smart features, but too many other flaws

£ 700

A superb all-in-one Blu-ray system if you are disinclined to invest in separates

£ 800

It does everything well, but you can buy better sound for the cash

£ 600

Produces an excellent 2D and 3D image from its built-in Blu-ray player

£ 400

A fine system for the money, but not the all-rounder we'd hoped for