Speaker stands


£ 130

Dynamic, poised, solidly built and not as industrially brutal-looking as other Partington designs, the Trophies are excellent

£ 105

Smooth, glossy finish, and with speakers atop they reveal a communicative, open sound, although they can be a bit reticent

£ 337

Superb sound and quality finish, the real wood gives a classy finish and feel

£ 90

These minimilist stands give music real pace and drive, and for the money are undoubtedly worthy of five stars

£ 399

The usual excellent standard we have come to expect from Partington, but the price is a bit steep

£ 100

Distinctive looks, but we had an overall feeling of dissatifaction with the lightweight feel and sound

£ 300

These speaker stands may look industrial but they deliver heavyweight improvements

£ 70

Still fine performers despite their age, although it's best to fill them with Atacama's own Atabite metal packing

£ 180

One of our favourite designs – so good, we use them in our listening rooms when we want to hear small speakers at their best

£ 100

The Mission Stance Stand is straightforward and does what a speaker stand should