Speaker stands


£ 189

A solid, capable stand that you should audition

£ 230

The Zeuses are beautifully made speaker stands that want for little and come in any colour you like

£ 200

The Atacama HMS2s are more than capable stands. They will appeal to fans of detailing and those who like their vocals sweet and smooth

£ 160

Whether or not you fill the main column, these stands always impress with a fantastically clear, detailed and open delivery

£ 150

These stands may look the part, but as soon as you add speakers the good impressions fall away

£ 125

There’s plenty to like in the detailed, lively sound our reference speakers produce on these steady supports

£ 120

The RS302s are not really that well made and can be surprisingly fiddly to assemble

£ 70

This £70 design is a brilliant hi-fi upgrade – add these stands to your system and detail, dynamics and rhythm will all get a boost

£ 150

These speaker stands are too idiosyncratic for a wholehearted recommendation.

£ 120

They're big big big, so make sure you've got the speakers to match. If you have, the SL600s will help deliver fine insight and detail retrieval