Phono amps


£ 1450

We reviewed the M-Series Phono SE four years ago and it still makes a great deal of sense

£ 2240

Plinius has raised the bar with this expensive, but incredibly gifted phono stage

£ 350

A good phono stage, but it needs more enthusiasm for the task

£ 325

With this kind of clarity and punchiness, this Lehmann is a great phono amplifier

£ 240

Decent phono amplifier, but we’d like a bit more bite

£ 800

An excellent phono stage – provided your deck is good enough you won't be disappointed.

£ 125

Good build and detail, looks classier than the price would suggest, but sound quality is decent rather than outstanding for the money

£ 265

Small, shiny, has quality, but cannot knit individual instruments into a believable whole as others at this price range can.

£ 225

Makes listening enthralling with its punchy and capable delivery

£ 60

Tempos cruise effortlessly, with intimate and emotional weight to voices....A great piece of kit, does the job with ease.