Mains products


£ 275

Top mains cable that will really get a system purring. Worth every penny

£ 40

A worthy budget wire, and an effective upgrade for both video and audio kit

£ 40

Explicitly illustrates the gains a modest outlay can achieve - really is a no-brainer

£ 150

Capable of astonishing improvements to your equipment’s performance

£ 148

This well-balanced cable delivers impressive depth and scale with both AV and hi-fi.

£ 119

This mains lead is a mean-looking bit of wire with decent balance and attack

£ 95

Give your kit the cleanest mains power possible by using this simple, yet effective, upgrade

£ 85

This latest Black Widow incarnation spins a suitably enchanting web

£ 60

The Merlin Tarantula is better than run-of-the-mill mains cables, delivering taut bass, but music doesn't flow as freely as it does with other cables