Mains products


£ 65

Chord Company SuperScreen mains cable will give your system superior solidity.

£ 60

The Ixos Overture XHP425-UK mains cable is an improvement over a standard cable, but the performance is only average

£ 232

Those who own high-end components costing £2000 upwards should seriously consider this Russ Andrews Reference PowerKord lead

£ 150

The Van den Hul MainsServer isn’t boring or dull, there just isn’t the spark that’s needed for a five-star rating

£ 112

A roaring success in many ways, but ideally we'd like something slightly less prim-sounding

£ 20

Surge protection is always welcome, but not at the expense of performance – no matter how quirky a product's appearance is

£ 40

For just £40, this conditioner is a no-brainer and a bona fide system booster

£ 25

The Copper-line Alpha One is a fine budget mains cable from Clearer Audio, and yes, this one really does make a difference

£ 150

Vocal clarity increases and is more transparent, but the sound is leaner

£ 211

Ecosse's The Big Red SCMKIII lacks the excitement and dynamism of similarly priced leads