Equipment racks


£ 540

Delivers refinement with drive and insight, thanks to special glass

£ 280

Classy, refined performer at a decent price

£ 399

Hell to assemble, sound is cluttered and confused

£ 300

Lacks rigidity, but at such a good price its tough to complain

£ 410

Sounds special, adjustable and high quality – in a word, excellent

£ 400

Fantastic rack that you can adapt to fit your needs

£ 420

Superb – sonically effective, improves fine details

£ 500

It sounded wonderful with our test kit, but Futureglass's Gem suffered greatly from poor build quality

£ 390

Superbly versatile, reveals fine sound and pictures

£ 400

Corner design fits bulky systems snuggly into tight spaces