Equipment racks


£ 470

Small is beautiful, and this neat little equipment rack from Custom Design proves the point with its accomplished performance

£ 533

It's beautifully built and feels like it'd last a lifetime. Stands Unique's Soundtower 10 should be on everyone's rack audition list.

£ 520

Atacama's addition to its popular Europa Reference series looks good but just doesn't have the performance to match

£ 150

If you’re looking for a new storage rack for your kit this is an impressive performer

£ 280

You don't have to pay the earth for a stylish, flexible feature-heavy rack

£ 350

Simple elegance: this rack is made from six blocks of wood and three sheets of glass

£ 1000

This equipment rack is a weighty proposition – there's so much thick glass

£ 339

One of our regular Award-winners, but now it's met its match from newer rivals which offer more detail and heft

£ 360

The jump in quality justifies the jump in price

£ 560

Ideal for big TVs and systems – if you can handle the big bill