Equipment racks


£ 329

This racks got retro styling, and holds its own with both sound and vision. One to watch for the money

£ 180

It's got good looks, a solid construction and sound, and a worthy price as well - this rack should be on your audition list

£ 299

It might look ungainly and a bit cheap, but there's no denying that the Target CL470 is a brilliant performer at this price

£ 1050

The XL repeats the stellar performance of the standard Podium but in an accommodating, AV-friendly form

£ 499

If you liked Atacama's award-winning Equinox range of hi-fi racks, then this updated Equinox Hi-Fi Celebration LE may be for you

£ 900

The YRS-1000 TV rack conveniently doubles up as a soundbar. It's a great idea, but audio is compromised

£ 800

In the Sunoko Vent-T, Quadraspire has produced a first rate platform for your kit, that highlights subtleties

£ 380

It's small, lightweight and cheap, but through this Quadraspire your kit packs a powerful punch

£ 460

Equipment support Award winner 2011. The Podium will give your kit all the support it needs

£ 299

It's stylish and affordable, if you're after a fast and light listen, the hi-fi Aero should be on your audition list