Equipment racks


£ 330

An ideal rack for both those on a budget and those seeking a sound that's easy on the bass, this Sound Support is a bargain at the price

£ 500

You've got to love this Blok monster for its incredibly solid construction if nothing else, but it's also a great performing rack too

£ 430

With its classy wooden finish, and easy to assemble stages, the Tokyo 4 also helps deliver a great sound – though some may find it a bit small

£ 230

Hi-fi Racks' Poduim reference tier upgrade shelf brings sonic benefits to your system

£ 30

By creating resonance controlled shelves as an aftermarket option for its Equinox design, Atacama has improved an already worthy product

£ 2460

With built in cooling fans and a whole host of optional extras the Chameleon Berlin has its plus points, but the price is too high for us

£ 1699

The Mode is an exquisitely built rack, that's able to handle sonics as well as aesthetics. You've just got to get past the price tag first...

£ 360

Its environmentally friendly enough, but we found that despite a solid build the Soprano lacks some agility and definition where needed

£ 999

Optimum's heavyweight Avion 8925 has much to like, including a tapered design for easy installation

£ 260

Despite some slipshod welding, we like Alphason's well isolated modular ST560/3, especially its great dynamics and detailing