Yamaha YSP-2200

Tested at £800

Best soundbar, Awards 2012. A great home cinema solution


just bought one + the samsung 46ue7000


perfect partners, both perform amazingly!


I am a very happy man!

Quite tempted with one of these to declutter the lounge a bit.   I can't see anywhere in the tech specs that tells me if it has a headphones socket though?  essential for me for late night movies/games and I know some soundbars don't have one...

Having recently sold a full seperates 5.1 system and purchasing a Yamaha YSP-2200 i can honestly say that i may never go back to a full 5.1 system.

Works great, looks great and sounds incredible. I don't have an ideal room yet surround sound is fantastic. There is a test disc included and i had an invisible stream in the corner of my living room! Eerie yet absolute genius, and compared to a full seperates system a bit of a bargain too.


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