Yamaha RX-V673

Tested at £500

Awards 2012 Product of the Year - Home Cinema Amplifiers. A seriously talented amp, versatile enough to work with a wide range of systems


Hi Ketan or  Consult


I have a very urgent question for your expert answer please (awaiting Purchase Rx 673)

1, I have just won my bid on Ebay for pair (2) of Mission 771e speakers (good condition Im told!!)  I was going to put on my exsisting Kenwood speaker shelves in each corner of lounge room ???

2. Main question is would the Yamaha RX 673 work well with the Mission 771e speakers (Dying to know your answer on this as depending me buying this Rx 673 av receiver.

Buying mainly for DVD Films playing streaming music & DAB/FM radio.

Help Barry Simms

Are you only planning to use the Yamaha in stereo mode with just the one pair of Mission speakers?

Hi, silly question I know but I have an older version of this amp and it does not take banana plugs for the speakers, does this version as I am upgrading all my cabling at the same time. 



Yes, it takes banana plugs as you can see from the back panel picture in the review.

Just bought this amp for £130.00 (yesterday) giving back to Richers my 'sound drop-out' Onkyo 508

Well chuffed so far  :)

Sound seems far better... wow !


Just purchased the RX-673 from Weybridge audio (£299) to replace an old 'bundled' Sony surround system as the amp (TA-VE150) has blown. I am hoping for the time being I can retain the speakers SS-V150, centre line SS-CN150 and the sub SA-W305.

Is this reasonably compatible and do you think I will have any serious problems.

Many thanks

I've owned this receiver since september '12 and was just reading the review of the '13 model the RXV675. I can't help to think that ever since the first or second firmware upgrade the sound of my model (673) exhibits exactly the shortcomings noted in the 675 review: when sound processing is on "straight" the dialogue gets either swallowed in a weighty mass of sound or when fiddeled with overall volume or increasing just the dialogue level it sounds too boomy or exaggerated. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'll try their solution, engaging the Standard or Drama DSP modes to correct and repost.


HI, I'm looking for some advice regarding this av receiver. I currently have a set of Boston Acoustics A25 front speakers and a matching A225 centre speaker. Just rebuilding a 5.1 system after selling all my old gear. I now need a suitable receiver which will match these speakers well and get the most out of them. I've narrowed it down to the yamaha rxv673 or the pioneer vsx1122 in terms of spec and features but would appreciate some advice on which receiver would maybe suit the bostons better? It will be for a 50/50 split of listening to music and home cinema - to complete the 5.1 i will likely get two A26 speakers for up front and move the 25's to the surround position. Thoughts or advice appreciated.

I'd go with the Yamaha, you really can't go wrong with it, although today Yamaha is announcing its new 2013 model range in Hamburg so you may want to wait and see what comes out of that.

My onkyo 606 has had it's day and I'm thinking about this guy to replace it however unsure if I can use it for 5.1 config, bi amp my front b&w 685 and still run a second zone of stero speakers for another room??

It's got seven channels of power amplification built-in, so won't be able to deliver 5.1,  bi-amp your fronts and power the speakers in your second room. It does have preamp outs for Zone 2 though.

I had cancelled my online order for the Yamaha Rvx673 as the store told me that this amp was not really man enough to drive the B&W MT60D speakers with the PV1D sub. They said if I pop in and listen to the Pioneer SCLX 56 I would think it time well spent... how right they were... off I trotted from St Ives on the two hour trip to the store. I got there and auditioned the pioneer and I couldn't believe how underwhelmed I was. It was also very treble heavy and I did not have much base coming through despite tweaks made by the store. Then they hooked up the Yamaha RVX673 and I watched the same scene of skyfall again. The sofa vibrated. The was more excitement and I felt more drawn in to the action. At the same time as there being more low frequency rumble, there was just the right (for my ears) amount of detail. All in all I felt that the Yamaha sounded far better with these speakers. The store attendant agreed and by the time I left (two and a half grand worse offbut very happy) he was thinking very differently about the Yamaha too. I did like the blue lights on the Pioneer tho Wink Can we have some blue lights please Yamaha?...

Yes Pioneers do have a bright sounding tendancy, which some would consider a plus with certain speakers. But when mated with a bright sounding speaker to begin with, such as the B&W, the overall result is not satifying.

Very helpful review. I'm very much tempted to buy the RX-V673, but I got a great offer for the 5-star rated Onkyo TX-NR709. Which receiver would be the best match for a set of Ellipson 1303 speakers? Emphasis is on stereo sound quality, but I do need an AV receiver, not just a stereo amplifier...

Both amps will work well with your speaker package. I think the Yamaha will pull slightly ahead when it comes to stereo replay, though won't sound quite as big and powerful in surround.

Great reviw.The RX-V673 would make  match with monitor Audio bronxe BX5 or BX6 ?

No phono in means I can't use it with my Oppo 95 so this is a no no for me.


Your review of this amp says "HDMI v1.3a = Yes". But given that it has 4k pass-through and ARC I assume it is at least HDMI v1.4? Can you please confirm (and update the review)? Also since it does 4k pass-through then I assume that 3D pass-through should be no problem?

AndrewFG wrote:
But given that it has 4k pass-through and ARC I assume it is at least HDMI v1.4? Can you please confirm (and update the review)? Also since it does 4k pass-through then I assume that 3D pass-through should be no problem?

Yes, it is HDMI v1.4, and does pass both 3D and 4K – it's one of our ongoing frustrations that the current set-up of the specs template doesn't allow this to be made clear on this, or any other AV receiver tech specs panel.

We are working on finding a solution, but in the meantime apologies for any confusion.

Thank you Ketan, that was really helpful. Best Regards!

Great review, as always. Can you tell me, please, if the rx-v673 is a good match for a Monitor Audio Silver rx-2 based 5.1 surround system, sound and power wise? I don't want to make the sound too bright...

The RX-V673 would make a great match for  the Monitor Audio package. It's the most sonically-rounded amplifier we've heard at this price and shouldn't sound overly bright.


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