Yamaha RX-A3010

Tested at £2000

This large, lush-sounding AV receiver immerses you deep in the action


Pioneer will beat it for all out power.

I have only just got this yamaha compared to my pioneer sc-lx85 receiver when I have the volume set at 30db which is my usually listening position I find the dialog bit on the low side 

Worth every penny in its class. I second Dairybeat's comments below.

I don't always agree with What Hi*Fi's reviews and the way they hand out their 'stars', but I think this time they're spot on.

This is in my opinion a fantastic powerful receiver, with great dynamics and, especially with Cds in the 'pure direct' mode, with stunning sound quality. A lot better than my previous Denon AVR-4308, which I found too 'dark' sounding, with also a very complicated setup menu.

Setting up this Yamaha is a 'peace of cake', I hardly needed the manual. Also the bass-management option works great, and adjusting the level for the speakers took me no more than 10 minutes. That can be done by a supplied microphone, but I trust my ears more, especially since I didn't like the results with my previous Denon!

I really do recommend this receiver for 100%!


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