Sansui WLD+201L

Tested at £350

A network player with a focus on radio, this Sansui isn't quite the finished article


Bought the Sansui Streamer from Sevenoaks Sound & Vision Ex-Dem. for £175.

Thought at that price it was worth a punt.  Initial impressions it was worth it for the internet radio convenience.  Backgound daytime listening was stress free with a valve like veiled bloom to the sound.  Sorry for that to the valve purist brigade.  It was and is being used connected to an Audiolab MDAC, Chord CPM2600 Amplifier and Living Voice Speakers. Quality mismatch?

Recently got rid of my vinyl system and now use an Apple Mac Book Pro wired into my DAC.   High bit downloads, ripped CDs WOW.  Wonderful sound and providing you back upyour ripped CDs, fairly risk free.  

Decided to invest a little cash to see if it could be improved.  Bought a Chord opticord and what a difference.  Most of the negative comments made in the What HiFi Review disappeared.  Listening to Internet Radio to the Linn Stations.  Tight lowish bottom end and a reasonably well defined treble with a lovely midrange.  Lower sample rate stations such as adore jazz now sound melodic and stress free.#Ron   


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