Wireworld Oasis 6

Tested at £130

The Oasis 6 comes with our recommendation - there's very little not to like here


This is a very good cable, also the cheaper Luna. BUT: pay a few pounds more and go for the Equinox 7. This cable is unbelievable for the money. The Oasis is good, but the Equinox is even better. Beautiful smooth high levels with lots of detail and the mids are the same. The bass goes not so deep but is refined and there is very good detail in the lower registers. This cable is just a fraction more open and spacious than the Oasis, it's just like the singer is standing 2 foot in front of you. Rewarded as best analog cable in German and Dutch audio magazines. I had an Atlas Equator Superior an the new Equator Integra, but this one is far and far better!


I agree - a very brief, spot on and clear said review.My concern is that there are many other analogue interconnects for the same price and I wonder what to choose...The Atlas Hyper MK2, Aurealis R1, Wireworld Oasis 7, Furutech Alpha Line 1...Could anyone recommend ?

I believe this review is spot on. I use these interconnects from my Dac to my Pre and another pair for Pre to Amp. I gotta say there's a lot to like about these. They have a smooth and suave way about doing their buisness, yet maintaining a neutral attitude at the same time. And whenever dynamic demanding passages come along, they nail it. Very dynamic cables.Highly recommended!


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