Wireworld Chroma 6

Tested at £60

Best HDMI cable £50+, Awards 2010. Wireworld has produced a sparkling performer


Why are people still paying sixty pounds for a digital cable???????

What is next? people buying a gold plated forty pound USB cable...

What Hi Fi team - Is this cable better thsn the Chord active?

The sound of the Chord is very impressive and the lush picture compared to a QED Graphite Reference.

How does the Chroma 6 compare please?

Last year's review rated the Chord Active as the "best" HDMI cable, how does the Chroma 6 compare, and is the Chord still the better cable?

Sorry went and checked this cable out and It's not a touch on the Chord active cable or to my eyes I would even say that the Van den hull cable was better.

??? are pound symbols. ##

I have just bought one of these cables to use with a new 3D Samsung TV and 3D DVD player. I see no difference between this �60 cable and an inexpensive �20 cable I bought in Currys 4 years ago. Don't waste your money!

Just purchased one of these and can honestly say that i am very impressed. I own 2 Chord Active cables and in my set up the Wireworld handles motion far stricter whilst pixels seem 'tighter' and picture 'in focus'. Had to recalibrate pic again once installed.Have just sold a 1.5m Chord Active to purchase another one of these. Works great in my set up.

This cable isn't very flexible so not good for bending around corners and plugging into spaces requiring a small bend radius.


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