Virgin Media TiVo

Tested at £200

Best cable recorder, Awards 2011. Clever TiVo functionality is well integrated; this is an extremely effective PVR, and our best cable TV recorder 2011


No mention of whether recordings can be


a. Edited (clip out the rubbish to save both space and irritation)

b. Archived 'off-box' or to PC, where the above can be done regardless.


I suspect no chance of either. But it would be helpful to have these cripple factors confirmed, rather than having to guess.

I would be tempted apart from the fact that since the introduction of Sky Atlantic (at no additional cost), it seems to be one of the main channels I watch. The HBO channel is just packed full of big budget productions, Game of Thrones should not be missed.

Virigin were offered the channel, but the price was way too high for them to continue talks with Sky. They simply state that Virgin wanted the channel on the cheap and that they offered a "very reasonable price."

I'd say it's the biggest channel on Sky right now and would command a likewise price.


I'm well aware that TiVo has three tuners (as it says in the main review), unfortunately due to an anomaly with our database the maximum number of tuners we can display in the tech specs is two.

Funnily enough, I've just come out of a meeting planning an upgrade to our database that should (hopefully!) deal with this and related problems.

I'll just stick with virgins regular v+ box. this looks like a rip off pricewise,considering you dont actually own it like you do with sky's HD boxes. 

I might be a critic of Virgin marketing and customer service, but the TiVo is excellent. And has its own dedicated 10mb connection.

Most impressed with BBC iplayer "app" - HD streaming is fine.

Your Tech Specs are incorrect. TiVo has 3 tuners not 2 as stated.


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